Thursday, April 30, 2009

Herbed Cauliflower with Capers & Lemon

I was looking for something interesting to do with cauliflower (there seems to not be very many recipes out there actually, at least those where the cauliflower is not covered in cheese - which is delicious but not something I want to eat all the time) and came across this recipe in The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook. The sauce is yummy but I think I'd double it next time (except for the oil). But how I liked eating this cauliflower best was making a salad with it using quinoa, feta, cranberries and walnuts. Because of the sauce on the cauliflower you don't have to add any sauce and it's yummy all mixed together!

I'm going to start posting more pictures of our awesome cat, Abby. Because, well, she's awesome, but also because I love seeing pictures of other food bloggers' pets so I want to share mine too! Not surprisingly, as a cat she really loves bags and we like to take advantage of this by carrying her around in them. (This picture is my boyfriend carrying her, well attempting to, until the bag broke.)

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Herbed Cauliflower with Capers & Lemon
Adapted from The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook

1/3 cup minced fresh parsley leaves
1 tbsp dried basil
2 tbsp drained capers, rinsed and minced
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp olive oil
1 medium cauliflower head (about 2 pounds), cut into small florets

1. Combine the parsley, basil, capers, lemon juice, oil and salt to aste in a medium bowl. Taste and adjust the seasonings.

2. Steam or boil the cauliflower until the florets are tender, about 7 minutes. (Ashley note: The recipe recommends boiling the cauliflower but I always prefer steaming vegetables.)

3. Drain the cauliflower and toss with the herb sauce in a large bowl. Add salt to taste. Serve immediately.


Bunny said...

Awe great picture! I'd love to see more pictures of her!! Love the recipe too!

Anonymous said...

Abby is cute! My cat loves to hide in bags too (especially when there is still groceries in it).

Steph said...

I'd like to see more pictures of Abby! I know exactly what you mean about cheese. I never used to think about it, but there's a lot of cheese on pizza too! It's like a pool of cheese on top. Sometimes I wonder how much of an block I've eaten. The cauliflower dish looks really good. I just had cauliflower today, but it was boring and boiled..

Helene said...

That cat is so cute. What a great recipe. I never know what to make with cauliflower.

Carla said...

I love sticking in random pictures of my cat too! Who has ever complained of too many cat pictures? ;) This dish sounds very lovely. It definitely caught my attention when I read capers.

Johanna said...

Love that dish - there are lots of great cauliflower dishes - I know I have used it in soups and salads and even curries

I love that pic of your cat in a bag - very cute - would love more cat pics - our cat loves to crawl in a bag that sits in the corner

Snooky doodle said...

this recipe looks yummy. Oh the cat is adorable :)

Vegetation said...

Mmmm delicious dish! And Abby is adorable! I love seeing pictures of other people's pets on their blogs too.

Dana said...

I love new things to do with cauliflower. It's a vegetable I love but my husband does not, so the more I can disguise it, the better. :)

Grace said...

ha! i would've loved to see your precious kitty burst through the bottom of the bag. i'll bet she's good for lots of laughs. :)
meanwhile, you're right about cauliflower, and this treatment of it sounds superb!

Carolina said...

Ummmmmmm que rico se ve esa coliflor y la foto del gato en la bolsa es simpatica!!!


Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I have 3 cats, any one of mine will lick the plastic bags from the store, and the other two will also jump or crawl into any bag that is laying around!!

I just tried cauliflower again after growing up my whole life thinking I hated it, and it turns out I love it! This would make such a great side dish! Thanks for posting it!

Lisa said...

This sounds like a fine way to enjoy cauliflower and the salad you served it with, just yum.

Adorable cat too :)

Anonymous said...

We admit that cauliflower is rarely used in our kitchen. This seems like a nice and easy recipe for it.

kickpleat said...

I've made a similar recipe but roasted the cauliflower. I love how it goes so well with the bite of lemon and the saltiness of capers! Yum.

giz said...

You guys give the expression "the cat's in the bag" a whole new meaning.

SoIMarriedAVegetarian said...

It may not be the healthiest but I like my cauliflower the best fried. I bread it and fry it on the stove in olive oil. Its one of my guilty pleasures.

Monica said...

I love cauliflower! It might be one of my favorite vegetables, and the way you have it all done up is pretty similar to how I normally cook it up, except for the capers. I'm definitely going to have to add some next time!

Elyse said...

Man, I love cauliflower. I really need to make it more often. Perhaps I shall buy some this week and make this recipe. Looks fantastic!!

The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

I was on the hunt for an inspiring cauliflower recipe that didn't involve heavy ingredients. Added bonus, I actually have all of the ingredients! Perfect!