Monday, February 4, 2013


i should've posted something a while ago. and then more and more time passes, and now it's 6 or 7 months since i last posted! well in case you haven't guessed (is anyone still checking this blog?), i'm not blogging anymore. i used to love it, but not anymore. i think it changed from what it used to be and so i just don't enjoy it anymore. plus it's really time consuming, and i'd just rather do other stuff with my time. i've loved being a part of the food blogger world though! and i'm still checking out other people's blogs though, and i'm sure i will continue to (i just don't comment nearly as often). i'm also pregnant (due in april), so have been focusing a lot of my free time on preparing for that. :)

if you want to contact me you can always email me at emdrecipes @ gmail . com