Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Organizing Online Recipes

I've had such a difficult time trying to figure out the best way to save and organize online recipes. I used to bookmark them in my browser, but then I lost all my bookmarks. Then I printed them all, but now I realize that's a waste of paper. And then I decided I would just copy/paste them and save them in word documents on my computer, put into general folders (appetizers, baked goods, etc). The last way was not a bad way of doing it but I really hated the process of it. So then (yes there were many steps to get to what I'm doing now) I thought I'd try out delicious since you can have many tags for each link. I wasn't completely happy with it because I always worry that people will take down recipes, or if they're on some place like the Food Network website then they'll only be up for a limited time.

Which brings me to now. I know you're dying to know what I've decided to do. I've been following a post on delicious:days about how everybody organizes their recipes. Jennifer from Ordinary Time commented saying that her and her husband have a dedicated gmail account that they email recipes to. The title goes in the subject line, the link goes in the body as well as the recipe. They then tag the recipes with whatever categories they think they fall under. Brilliant! I can email myself from anywhere and not have to transfer it somewhere else later (as I did with previous methods). I'm so happy to finally have a good way of organizing recipes I find online, which is why I had to share it!


Zoe said...

I was using delicious, but I've switched over to to bookmark them because I can pick a photo from the page to go with the bookmark. I love being able to view the finished product when I'm browsing through recipes, trying to decide what to make. I can also assign a rating to each recipe after I've tried it. I haven't read the article on delicious days yet, though, so maybe it will give me even more ideas.

eatme_delicious said...

zoe: Oh bookmarking a photo to go with it sounds great. Though I'd worry that the person would take down the photo. And being able to assign a rating sounds like a very useful feature too!

mjcooks said...

I was just trying to come up with a way to organize my recipes. I usually email them, but then they get lost in my many emails. I like the idea of setting up a separate gmail account. I will also check out bluedot.