Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mink Chocolates

A few days ago I found out about this relatively new chocolate store downtown (from their website, I'd guess they were open around April of this year). I love finding out about new places to get chocolate - in a search for what I'm not sure, the hope of one day finding a definite "best chocolate ever" perhaps?

The Mink Chocolates website lists all of their chocolate bars, which are more like fusions of a chocolate confection and a chocolate bar. The choices are numerous and it was difficult to decide what I wanted to try first. Most of the bars have a dark chocolate exterior, which is unfortunate for me since I'm a milk chocolate lover. I chose Love Potion (roasted banana, dark rum and lime in a chocolate ganache), High Tea (earl grey tea in chocolate ganache), and Mermaid's Choice (burnt caramel and fleur de sel with a hint of rosemary). The ganaches were really good, lots of flavour and not overly sweet, but I wish that the dark chocolate exterior was thinner. Maybe when I try the milk chocolate bars I'll enjoy them even more. I love the wide variety of unique flavours they offer and I can't wait to try the rum and eggnog bar this winter.

Mink Chocolates is also a coffee/tea shop, but more excitingly they have hot chocolate, iced chocolate, drinking chocolate, fondue, and smores. For the smores they bring a mini hibachi to your table to toast the marshmallows! How can you not want to go?

Mink: A Chocolate Cafe
863 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC
(604) 633-2451


doolaik said...

awesome, i went by mink when i was doing my tourism challenge stuff and was wondering how it'd be... its good to know that its a good place to bring a date.

firefly|zephyr said...

I've been meaning to try this place out! Thanks for the reminder!